Monday, November 16, 2015

Disproportionality Research

I'm week 12 into my field placement and all I can think about is how important this research is to the children and families we serve. Going into this macro placement, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. Every day I learn sometimes new and I am inspired to do macro work. We distributed a survey that looks at disproportionality on the different levels: individual, system, and society. We have a lot of work to do. The question is how do you discuss race in an organization that is having an issue with disproportionality in child welfare?

 Sometimes, I have to try to think in a way that is neutral to people of color. I honestly, feel for my people of color who are being discriminated against and oppressed. Now I have to come up with recommendations to help address disproportionality.

Recommendations we already have are:
  • A training on implicit bias (normalize it and don’t make it about race)
  • Activities such as self-reflection, icebreakers, and allowing people to to have discussion
  • Training in schools, and police department about disproportionality
  • Have people listen to CPS phone calls
  • Support Groups for workers
  • Find ways to increase client engagement
  • Raise awareness about disproportionality
  • Having more family partnership meetings
  • Partnership with other organizations
  • Interfacing with the community more in a positive light
  • Cultural brokers
  • Cultural competent mandated reporter training
  • Having intensive training for staff
  • In-house trainings

Any suggestions? Let's have a discussion. Please comment below.

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